lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

Change SMS Inbox, Compose and Chat Background on Windows Mobile Devices

Well we have been customizing alot of things lately so why not the SMS Background. Yes you read it right. You can easily change the background of SMS Inbox, Compose and Chat Screens from boring White to any Background image of your choice. To do this you need to show some Noob skills of html and you are done.

1 TO 2

  • Changes Background in SMS Inbox window
  • Changes Background of SMS Compose window
  • Changes Background of Threaded SMS window

Same can be done by editing 3 files in your windows folder:

  • compose_sms.htm
  • read_sms.htm
  • and iframe_style.css


  1. Add this to compose_sms.htmimagename.jpg" bgproperties="fixed">
  2. Add this to read_sms.htmimagename1.jpg" bgproperties="fixed">
  3. Add this to the Body section of iframe_style.cssbackground: url(file://\windows\imagename3.jpg)
  4. Just add the same or different style of Images with above mentioned names to the windows folder and reset your device.

Make your Gadget Waterproof Completely

How many of us have been victims or more politely, sufferers of our devices falling into water and getting permanently damaged. I say many!! And many one of fear that it might happen to our devices. Its very obvious fear to loose our gadgets and devices but not anymore. We have already discussed about saving your devices from scratches – “Best Scratch Guards: Best Skins Ever vs Invisible Shields vs Ghost Armor vs Body Guardz”. But the technology am now going to discuss about claims and nearly proves to be making your devices completely water proof. Yes, you read it correct, Completely Waterproof. Being brought to you by Golden Shellback, the company claims to make your device completely waterproof in a safer way. No visible coating, no plastic covers and nothing ugly for sure. This technology applies an undetectable waterproof polymer coating to the inner and outer surfaces of your device in vacuum. Thy claim that it wont affect the functionality of your device as the polymer does not conduct electricity.

This is what comes directly from their website:
”Golden Shellback coating has an excellent ability to repel oils, synthetic fluids, hazardous materials, dust, dirt and water based solutions. Low surface tension values, such as water and oils will bead and drain freely from coated surfaces. The process produces a uniform, continuous, near hermetic coating that resists rain and humidity. Electronics casually exposed to water continue to work even after exposure. The coating is readily applied and not generally considered to be removable. Repairs are made using abrasive methods.”

The expected price of the coating is between $50 – $75. Which is not bad to get it done for costlier devices and gadgets. Though its not yet released publically as yet but is expected really soon.

You can check out the video demonstration below: